descansos is a chapbook in the form of an elegy—poems about a close friend of mine who died in an accident in Mexico in 2013.

Sparse and haunting as well as quirky and funny, the poems tell the story of a relationship and a life lost too soon, against the backdrop of Mexico—its sights and sounds and character, with a particular focus on the area around Puerto Vallarta.

What other people say:

“Hunter also has a deftness in the breaking of her lines: a sensitivity to the spaces of language and the strangeness and meaning that are added to story-telling when attention, precision and craft come together. … The subject is serious and the gaze unflinching and honest. Her ability to make language and image strange, ensures we look deeper. It does what good poetry does and tells us about ‘the moment, what is in front/ of us now’ (yogi).”
—Angela Gardner, full review at foam:e

“Memory can never let go, but memory leads, paradoxically, to release. Memories, then, are themselves descansos. Hunter’s chapbook is an unflinching examination of grief, but grief without the self-pity …”
—Roman Gladstone, full review at The Potomac

One of the poems in this manuscript, “dust,” won second prize in the 2014 Tom Collins Poetry Prize.

“‘dust’ reads as though it has been translated from the lyrical Spanish of a South American surrealist, such as César Vallejo. It seems to have antecedents far removed from Australian influences; while surreal in character, ‘dust’ also has the intensely personal and expressive quality of the New York School poets, such as John Ashbery. … Rose Hunter is performing on a high wire in this poem, and despite the risks, she does not fall. In many ways, ‘dust’ is Australian poetry in exile.”
Judge’s Report

Some sample poems from this book that you can read online:

“tracks” in Cordite
“window washer” in foam:e
in Sundog Lit

Released 2015.
Buy it from dancing girl press.
30 pages, chapbook